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Potis Accessories & Parts

To place an order for any of the following items 
or information about replacement parts not listed below, 
call us at 858.281.9500 or 
email us at orders@potisusa.com

  Meat Preparation Stand


         Fortified stand for large meat cone preparation.
Heavy stainless steel stand for meat preparation
for USA-GD4/GD5 Dimensions: 13.77"x13.77"x4.13"

  Cross Handle/ Lite Meat Prep Stand

        Stainless steel stand for meat preparation for USA-GD1,GD2,GD3. This can be used for manual rotisserie operation too. Dimensions: 9.25"x9.25"x4.92" 
  Meat Preparation Kit

For Models:

USA-GD1,GD2,GD3,E1,E2:  $136.65



        Kit composed of: stand, pin, platter with extended skewer guide, skewer.
This kit is neccessary if you prepare the meat cones yourself.  It gives you the possibility to prepare the meat when the grill is working. The platter with extended skewer guide is easy for storage of the meat in the cooler. Please specify the grill model when ordering. 
  Complete Spit 

For Models:

USA-GD1,GD2,GD3,E1,E2:  $84.95


        This complete spit is an additional set to the starter set which comes with the grill. With the stand (sold separately) and this complete spit you can prepare the meat cone when all parts are used with the running grill. Please call if you have any questions to avoid double shipment. Please specify the grill model when ordering. 

   Platter with extended Skewer Guide

        Platter with extended skewer guide - stainless steel.
Makes your meat handling easier.
Please specify grill size when ordering.
   Meat Shovel

SH1 - $77.55
SH2 - $90.50
SH3 - $105.00
        Meat shovel - stainless steel.  
Available sizes:  
SH1: 8.66", SH2: 10.24", SH3: 11.81"
Please specify size when placing an order. 

  Shishkebab & Chicken Grill Arrangement

        With this addition you can grill automatically 6 Shishkebabs or one whole chicken.
All stainless steel.

  Chicken  Shishkebab Grill Arrangement

For Models:



        This whole Chicken Shishkebab grill arrangement can be used for Gas Models (USA-GD2,GD3,GD4) and for the Electric grill model USA-E3. You can grill up to 9 whole chickens at once. 
Please specify grill model when ordering.